Discover DreamVille


DreamVille is a vibrant city that welcomes you after a magical day at Tomorrowland. Relax and re-energize yourself together with friends from all over the world. Discover all the shops, activities and services that will make your stay at DreamVille even more enjoyable.


For 2021 only, Tomorrowland will be moved to :

  • Weekend 1: August 27, 28 and 29
  • Weekend 2: September 3, 4 and 5

We want to stay positive and hopeful towards an unforgettable end of summer of 2021, but realize that there is also a chance the 16th edition of Tomorrowland could take place in 2022. We expect to come back to you in May with a detailed update. For now, we will keep working hard to realize the most beautiful & safest festival.

Together with the People of Tomorrow, we believe in better times. We will unite again.