Cashless Refunds

The deadline to request a cashless refund was on August 15, 2022. It is no longer possible to request a manual refund.

Please read the info below to see if you will receive an automatic refund or will need to request a manual refund for the remaining Pearls on your Tomorrowland Bracelet.

Unspent Pearls with the exception of "Bonus Pearls” will be refunded after the festival. A standard two "Pearl" transaction fee will be charged*. 

Automatic refund for online top-up with Credit Card (VISA,Mastercard), Bancontact, iDeal and Sofortüberweisung**

This applies to Bracelets that have been topped-up online at least once with one of the above cards before the festival. The unspent ‘Pearl’ amount minus unspent Bonus "Pearls" will be refunded automatically onto the same credit card or bank account that you have used for your first top-up online.
A 2 "Pearl" refund fee will be charged​. Bonus Pearls cannot be used as refund fee.

Please note: The automatic refundable amount is limited to the total amount that you have topped up online with credit card, debit card. If your remaining balance exceeds this amount, you have to apply for a manual refund for the leftover value that is left after your automatic refund.

Important: if you have received an email saying your automatic refund could not be processed due to technical issues, please fill in the manual refund form before the deadline mentioned in that email.


Manual refund for onsite top-up with Credit/Debit card or cash

This applies to Bracelets that only have been topped-up onsite at Tomorrowland and/or DreamVille with cash or credit/debit card.  You have to fill out a manual refund form. The form will be available after Tomorrowland. A 2 "Pearl" refund fee will be charged. Bonus Pearls cannot be used as refund fee.
Please note that you are responsible for providing Tomorrowland the correct information. 

For non-SEPA bank accounts an additional € 7 transaction fee on top of the standard two Pearl transaction fee applies. On top of that, your bank might charge you as well a transaction fee. For non-SEPA country PayPal is a free alternative option. Bonus Pearls cannot be used as refund fee.

Attention! If you do your first top-up at the festival site, you will need to fill out the manual refund form.



Step 1: Go to and click the tab "My Bracelet".

Step 2: Select the correct weekend.

Step 3: Click "Activate" and fill in the 12-character (16-character in case of cashless card) Bracelet ID and 4-digit (6-digit in case of cashless card) security code.

Step 4: Click "refund" and fill in the refund form.

The manual refund form will be available in your Tomorrowland from 2 August 13h00 CEST until 15 August 23h59 CEST.   

After 15 August 2022 it will no longer be possible to request a manual refund.