Love will Reflect again in 2022.
Pre-Registration for Tomorrowland 2022 starts on February 2 - 15:00 CET
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If you already have a ticket for Tomorrowland 2022, you do not have to Pre-Register.
All tickets bought in 2020 or 2021 are transferred to Tomorrowland 2022 on the date as indicated below:

Ticket dates 2021 Transferred to ticket dates 2022
Friday, July 16 Friday, July 22
Saturday, July 17 Saturday, July 23
Sunday, July 18 Sunday, July 24
Full Madness Pass, July 16-18 Full Madness Pass, July 22-24
DreamVille Package, July 15-19 DreamVille Package, July 21-25
Friday July, 23 Friday, July 29
Saturday, July 24 Saturday, July 30
Sunday, July 25 Sunday, July 31
Full Madness Pass, July 23-25 Full Madness Pass, July 29-31
DreamVille Package, July 22-26 DreamVille Package, July 28-August 1


The following information is applicable for visitors who bought tickets via Paylogic, not for Global Journey visitors:

You will receive an email from Paylogic with your new e-tickets for 2022. They will also appear in your Tomorrowland account. By the end of June of next year, the Main Buyer will receive all Bracelets by post. Your order number will remain the same.

What if I or one of my friends can't attend in 2022? 

 1. Name changes will be possible in the Main Buyer’s Tomorrowland account.  More info will be available at the beginning of February 2022. 

2. Exchange desk: You can now offer your tickets at the Exchange Desk. Please email to activate the Exchange Desk in your Tomorrowland Account.
Tickets registered through the Exchange Desk will be offered for sale via a Waiting List. Please be aware that registering your ticket on the Exchange Desk does not guarantee that someone will buy your ticket.